Holiday Decor – July 4th Edition

OK I'll admit... I'm a sucker for holidays. There's such excitement in the air when one gets close! I'm a kid at heart, so I love to make fun decor to add to the holiday excitement. It doesn't matter what it is. Christmas and Halloween are obvious, but who doesn't

Cigar Box Purses

These custom purses are created from up-cycled cigar boxes.  Surprisingly roomy and a great conversation piece!  They are custom made to order, and can even be modified to fit anyone's personal style.  Maybe it's eccentric, but whatever it is, it's YOU!  Girls have a lot of stuff.  Clothing, shoes, jewelry, make-up… we like the pretty

Soliloquy for my Pups

"He is an example to strive for as we age ourselves." I love my sweet boy so much, and it's heartbreaking to see him age. He's 11 now and suffers from an enlarged heart (on heart medication), arthritis (on anti-swelling and pain medication), he's had 2 knee replacements (one on each)

Valentine’s Day Wine Bottle Vases

We have added some extra love to our home for the holiday by displaying these gorgeous Valentine's Day wine bottle vases. Up-cycled from 750ml wine bottles, there are numerous options, colors and styles to choose from. This would be perfect to give as a gift!  Maybe it's cutesy, but whatever it