Jumbo L-R-C game – so much fun!

This simple to play and fast paced dice game is fun for the whole family.  Maybe it's addictive, but whatever it is, it's YOU!  This game has always been a favorite of ours, and a huge hit at parties.  We get so crazy with it that the whole room is shouting at once.

Soliloquy for my Pups

"He is an example to strive for as we age ourselves." I love my sweet boy so much, and it's heartbreaking to see him age. He's 11 now and suffers from an enlarged heart (on heart medication), arthritis (on anti-swelling and pain medication), he's had 2 knee replacements (one on each)

Baja Adventure 2013 – Day 1

1300 miles. 4 vehicles. 6 people. 2 dogs. Ride along with us as we take an overland adventure trip through Baja, Mexico. -day 1- Today’s the day. A month of planning, gearing up, packing, anticipating, scheduling, and intense thought and research is about to finally pay off. And today is my birthday to