Cigar Box Purses


These custom purses are created from up-cycled cigar boxes.  Surprisingly roomy and a great conversation piece!  They are custom made to order, and can even be modified to fit anyone’s personal style.

spiral5 Maybe it’s eccentric, but whatever it is, it’s YOU! spiral5

black leather cigar box purse 2

Girls have a lot of stuff.  Clothing, shoes, jewelry, make-up… we like the pretty stuff, the cute stuff, the funky stuff.  So of course we also have a lot of stuff to carry around with us on a daily basis.  After all, we wouldn’t want to be away from home and not have that back-up sewing kit or extra mints or band-aids.  Oh the horror of being out without our GIANT bag filled with goodies!

Purple Polka Dot Cigar Box Purse

So when I go out for the evening in my “dressed up” attire, I’m always frustrated with the lack of options for purses.  If they’re cute, they’re too small.  If they’re big enough, they’re unattractive and look silly with my outfit.  Ah what to do!?   I need to carry more than a phone and a credit card on a Friday night.  You never know when you’re gonna need that back-up phone charger.  Or the mini flashlight.  Or pepper spray.  Or little notepad.  Right?

So I decided to start by fixing the size problem first.  Then make it pretty!


Cigar boxes are amazing, because they come in all shapes and sizes.  And it’s surprising how much “junk” you can actually fit in them!  I picked out my favorite fabrics and began custom-designing a cigar box purse for every style I could think of wanting.

They’re cute, they’re spacious and you won’t believe the number of compliments and questions you’ll get!  Now I find that I’m once again carrying my husband’s stuff too!  Hmmm… cigar box “murses”, anyone?  😉


Reagan Avery

Co-creator, artist, and the crafty one at Once Upon the Stars. A unique shop of custom created pieces designed for – your home – your lifestyle – your attitude. Maybe it’s funky, maybe it’s edgy, or maybe its a little different.

Maybe its ___, but whatever it is, it’s YOU!

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