Holiday Decor – July 4th Edition


OK I’ll admit… I’m a sucker for holidays. There’s such excitement in the air when one gets close! I’m a kid at heart, so I love to make fun decor to add to the holiday excitement. It doesn’t matter what it is. Christmas and Halloween are obvious, but who doesn’t love a house full of red, white and blue for July 4th?  Or pink and red hearts for Valentine’s Day? I even break out all the cute fuzzies for Easter. Rabbits, chicks, lambs, pastels and eggs. Oh so many eggs! Poor Vince. I just don’t understand why guys aren’t ga-ga for pink and yellow all over the house for a month!  😉

This year for July 4th, I made themed wine bottles. What else are you gonna do when your husband likes wine and there are just too many cool bottles to throw away? They make great decor for a fireplace mantle, a shelf, or as a centerpiece for that summer barbecue.
And of course you must have something themed to wear. I don’t know why, but I’m like a bee to honey when it comes to tie dye: if it’s tie dye, I’m in love! It’s my Achilles’s heel! So I created this fun 4th of July tank with stars and beads. Great as a cover up too!
I love trying new things, so I cooked up (yes, literally!) a few red, white and blue star ornaments to hang around the place. Too cute!
Of course I made July 4th themed jumbo yard dice. Red and blue with white stars. Just perfect for our annual block party. Who’s down for some Yahtzee in the front yard after the hot dogs and beer?!
And a little something extra special for those fellow musicians out there: the American flag created from drumsticks and guitar picks. Perfect for the holiday, but subtle enough to display year round!
So who’s ready for July 4th? I know I am!
Reagan Avery

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