Jumbo L-R-C game – so much fun!


This simple to play and fast paced dice game is fun for the whole family.

spiral5 Maybe it’s addictive, but whatever it is, it’s YOU! spiral5

This game has always been a favorite of ours, and a huge hit at parties.  We get so crazy with it that the whole room is shouting at once.  “DOT! DOT! DOT!” yells the roller of the dice, while the other players call out for their favorite choices.  “Left Left!”.  “Right Center!”.  The dog is howling, the dice are rolling and the neighborhood wonders what must be going on in there!  When you make each round $1 per player – winner take all – you’ve really got good time on your hands.  Needless to say, we love this game.


So when Reagan first thought of creating Jumbo L-R-C dice for fun in the backyard, we couldn’t wait!  And with our SoCal winter trying to be all “El Nino”, even the rain couldn’t keep us from playing.  Use the rug!

Suffice it to say, the hours we spent playing that night were some of the most fun we’ve had playing L-R-C.



Game Rules:
To start the game, you need three L-R-C dice, three or more players, and three chips for each player.  After determining which player will start the game, the first player rolls the three dice. The number of L’s, R’s, C’s or DOTS rolled dictate where the player’s chips go.

  • For every L rolled, pass one chip to the player on the left.
  • For every R, pass one chip to the player on the right.
  • For a C, pass one chip to the center or “pot.”
  • The DOTS are neutral and players neither pass nor place chips in the pot for any DOTS rolled.

When a player has only 1 or 2 chips, he rolls only 1 or 2 dice. If a player has no chips, he is still in the game, but passes the dice to the next player. The last player with chips is the winner of the center pot.


Vince Avery

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