Soliloquy for my Pups

“He is an example to strive for as we age ourselves.”

red couch pups photo shoot 3

I love my sweet boy so much, and it’s heartbreaking to see him age. He’s 11 now and suffers from an enlarged heart (on heart medication), arthritis (on anti-swelling and pain medication), he’s had 2 knee replacements (one on each) and is generally having a really hard time sitting down, standing up, etc. He can’t run anymore (he used to be fast as the wind!), can’t go on walks anymore (we used to walk every morning for at least a half hour, and often at night), can’t go to the park anymore (oh my gosh – crazy happy when we’d pull into that parking lot!) can’t play running keep away (his FAVORITE game in the whole world), can’t jump up on the couch or bed anymore (working on ramp or step solutions), his ankles crack and creak just standing still and is just generally having a hard time with aches and pains.  He’s got doctor specialists up the wazoo and we do everything we can for him.

Mom & Pups Spooning

My main point, however, is that through all of these trying times for my baby, he never complains, never whines, he’s ALWAYS got a smile for me, is always full of kisses, loves when I hug and hold him, and his spirits are always up. He still follows me around like a shadow, even though I tell him he doesn’t need to get up – I’m just stepping into the other room for a second. He’s a cuddle bear like nobody’s business and I couldn’t ask for a better sport in all that he has to go through. Now I lay on the floor with him since he can’t get on the couch, I cuddle him until he falls asleep at night on his floor bed and we play games on the ground that he doesn’t have to stand up for.


I’ve had other breeds that don’t even come close to aging so gracefully. He is an example to strive for as we age ourselves.  I will forever have Bouviers as my kids, but I now have yet another reason to love them so very much. Maybe his heart is enlarged because he just has so much love to give. 🙂

~ RA ~

Bear & Panther Pups

Before haircut: a bear. After haircut: a panther.



Since he sometimes has trouble getting up on his own, we got him a handle for his rear-end.  It came with a front handle that had too many buckles and straps to be comfortable… but his pants kept falling down!  So we got him some bona fide old-guy suspenders to keep his drawers in line.



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