Valentine’s Day Wine Bottle Vases


We have added some extra love to our home for the holiday by displaying these gorgeous Valentine’s Day wine bottle vases. Up-cycled from 750ml wine bottles, there are numerous options, colors and styles to choose from. This would be perfect to give as a gift!

spiral5 Maybe it’s cutesy, but whatever it is, it’s YOU! spiral5


Want to choose one for your special Valentine? Click the pictures to see them in the shop!


We loved these so much!  We ended up displaying them throughout our house for Valentine’s Day.


Reagan Avery
Co-creator, artist, and the crafty one at Once Upon the Stars. A unique shop of custom created pieces designed for - your home - your lifestyle - your attitude. Maybe it’s funky, maybe it’s edgy, or maybe its a little different. Maybe its ___, but whatever it is, it’s YOU!

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